Mi Ami - Incoming debut Euro/UK April tour!


Littlebig are proud to welcome to the roster San Francisco-based drum punk trio Mi Ami, featuring two key members of Dischord's hyper-percussive Black Eyes (Daniel Martin-McCormick on vocals and guitar, and Jacob Long on bass) and Damon Palermo on drums. Mi Ami are a powerful force, building on the promise of Black Eyes' spastic energy and renowned live performances, but steering it into a more focused, volatile, and personal direction.

Tour Dates:

09.04 UK - Brighton @ Greenhouse Effect
10.04 UK - London @ Lexington (Upset the Rhythm)
11.04 Holland - Rotterdam @ Motel Mozaique
12.04 Belgium - Brussels @ AB (Domino Festival w/ Health + Mono)
13.04 France - Lille @ Aeronef club
14.04 France - Paris @ La Java
15.04 France - Nantes @ La Scène Michelet
16.04 France - Bordeux @ Heretic Club
17.04 Italy - Milan @ Dauntaun
18.04 Italy - Rome @ Init
19.04 Italy - Ancona @ Thermos
20.04 Germany - Nuremberg @ K4
21.04 Germany - Berlin @ festsaal kreuzberg (with Black Dice)
22.04 Poland - Krakow @ Club Re
27.04 Germany - Hamburg @ Hafenklang (with Grails)
28.04 Germany - Cologne @ Rubinrot
29.04 Holland - Den Hague @ The Paard
30.04 UK - London @ Macbeth (Plan B Night)
01.05 UK - Nottingham @ Chameleon Arts Cafe
02.05 UK - Manchester @ The Retro Bar
03.05 UK - Glasgow, Optimo @ Sub Club
04.05 UK - Newcastle @ End Bar
05.05 UK - Liverpool @ korova
06.05 UK - Cambridge @ The Portland
07.05 Ireland - Galway @ Roisin Dubh
08.05 Nrth Ireland - Bellfast @ Menagerie
09.05 Ireland - Dublin @ Crawdaddy
10.05 Ireland - Cork @ Crane Lane Theatre
12.05 Finland - Helsinki @ Kuudes Linja
13.05 Sweden - Stokholm, Club Fritz's Corner @ Lilla Hotellbaren
14.05 Sweden - Malmo @ Debaser
15.05 Denmark - Copenhagen @ Lades
16.05 Latvia - Riga @ Rigas Makslas telpa (Skanu Mezs Festival)

With two 12" releases (see reviews below) we are presented with a rare breadth of sound and influence woven together via obvious experience and talent. You hear elements of punk, dub, tropical, disco,, noise .. As the critics are suggesting, this is a true 'no wave' band, impossible to pigneon-hole or link to current trends coming out of the U.S. hot spots.

Mi Ami's first single on Touch & Go / Quarterstick, Echononecho, will be released as a 12" and digitally January 27, 2009, with the follow-up full length, Watersports, out February 17, 2009. The band fully takes flight and thrives in the live setting, with shows turning into all-out pulsating rhythmic throwdowns...

Check their myspace here
Some info on Touch&Go's website here

We're now booking their first uk/Euro tour for April/May 2009, please send any interest to info [at] littlebig.org.uk!

Mi Ami Dusted Feature


DUSTED REVIEW of 2nd 'Ark of the Covenant' 12"
Second 12" by this SF trio, ex-Black Eyes … hell, ex-Rapture too.
Heavy bass/dub vibes all over this one, screeching vocals rolling over
top of processed guitar and very real, in-your-lap rhythms. Definitely
prefer the dub version, as they get impossibly deep in the space
provided, pitting double-time drums against half-time bass.
Self-released and I really hope these fellas don't drown; they've
probably got the most exciting approach to outside-looking-in
On-U/jazz-based rhythm roll experiments since Tortoise, and more
people really need to be rockin' their records from the dance music
perspective. Edition of 400, silkscreened sleeves.


20JAZZFUNKGREATS on debut 'African Rhythms' 12"
"Mi Ami have us totally psyched, they are a SF trio including members from the oft-missed Black Eyes, and in their debut 12" 'African Rhythms' released by White Denim, they unleash a percussive no wave barrage into the very blackness of space drawing lines of power between imaginary constellations of afro-disco muscle and super-heroic noise verve, totems such as those of Liquid Liquid, Can, Lightning Bolt, Kid Creole and the Coconuts or MARS have in legends appeared to other shamans partaking in such psychedelic journeys, they are an esoteric coda for an attack plan executed with Jaguar-spirit-like carnivorous intensity which ends with our bodies cast into a sweaty spirit world of frantic shaking & twitching."

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