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DJ Rashad has been instrumental to the creation and evolution of Chicago Juke music and has been lifelong friends with other key players on the scene such as Paul Johnson, DJ Gant-Man, DJ Spinn, DJ Godfather and Jammin Gerald. He has the ability to blend elements of house, ghetto house, disco, juke, and ghetto tech together with a knack for creating sparse, snappy tracks that manage to convey a physicality and funk with spectacular precision.

Along with his teammates DJ Spinn and DJ Gant-Man, DJ Rashad has become notorious for making Juke anthems that have made fans outside the world of Chicago mix cds. Heís released records on Dancemania, Juke Trax, Planet Mu, created his own label, Ghettophiles, as well as had featured remixes on BBE, Palms Out Sounds, and Movel Traxx. Heís received press coverage from DJ Mag, XLR8R, Fact, Resident Advisor, as well as Rip It Up. Additionally, heís headlined parties such as Londonís Night Slugs, Brusselís Regulate, Chicagoís Mad Decent Block Party, and New York Cityís Turrbotax and Momaís PS1 events.


The Ghettoteknitianz are a formidable clique of footwork DJs who count Rashad and Spinn (who have previously released EPs on Mu) among their members, as well as veterans such as Traxman, Gant-Man and younger producers like DJ Manny and DJ Earl.

This incredible EP runs a gamut of styles that make clear the connections with house music's past, while pushing things forward into the future in a way that hasn't really been done this clearly in a footwork release before.

DJ Rashad and Gant-Man start by taking things right back, on their amazing track 'Heaven Sent' which sounds like it's footwork inspired by P-funk's synth flares and funky worm energy, or DJ Earl's classic bittersweet house strings and synth trumpet fanfare on 'Enlightenment'. Check the reversed acid line and urban hecticness which ride over a tough soca beat on DJ Spinn's 'Don't Shoot', or Rashad and Manny's superb re-definition of their house, using Chuck Robert's legendary 'My House' Speech. Traxman echoes the juke period on his amazing, sparse 'We Are Da Best' with it's boastful, repeated rhyme over snapping, syncopated drums and swirling fretless bass and bleeps. DJ Manny finishes the EP with the straight ahead weed anthem of 'All I Do Is' with it's tight drums wrapped around some repeated vocals and half speed jazz fusion.

Now booking UK/EU shows for Oct-13 - Nov-06 2011.

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