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With an exhilarating new style that is raising the bar for sound collage artists to an unheard-of altitude, Young Montana? chops beats into being on a hypercolour canvas that is saturated with soul and lit with innovation.

Backed early, by Mary Anne Hobbs and BTS Radio's Andrew Meza, YM? was hand-plucked from the relative obscurity of Coventry, UK, into the insiders-spotlight on both sides of the atlantic, causing a stir in the online underground with a slew of leaked tracks and remixes. It didnít take long to step up to the plate, delivering his debut album Limerence via the seminal Alpha Pup label to critical acclaim. A wild ride of an album, Limerence showcases the newly minted producers kaleidoscopic sound. Fusing his love for golden-era Hip-Hopís bounce - a la Native Tongues Posse - with the Electronic scene's ferocity and rawness, YM?'s productions are swung out through a warm haze of nostalgia, equaled with forward-thinking finesse.

Straight off the back of US debuts at both Low End Theory LA and SF, Young Montana? fuses the technical and psychological sides of the beat with the kinetic, playful and the outright danceable into his live shows. Re-edits, mashups and re-imaginations merge and disintegrate, unraveling into his signature style.

With a flurry of remixes and releases being warmed up, this is only the beginning.

Now booking UK/EU shows for 2011.

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To see all the press for Limerence including, Fact, Pitchfork, Fader, Clash and more go To see all the press for Limerence including, Fact, Pitchfork, Fader, Clash and more go HERE

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